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By the end of Aubrey’s life in 1998, he was one of Newport’s most loved and respected residents.  Described by the South Wales Argus as the citizen who perhaps above all others had “etched his name upon the town’s heart”, he had been involved in a vast array of activities to improve the lives of the people of Newport.  Whether it was carrying out the weekly shop for elderly individuals or fighting Newport’s corner against National Government, he was always looking to put himself forward for the benefit of others.

However, despite all the things that he did, it was his political work mainly as leader of the council that were amongst his greatest achievements, and for what he will mainly be remembered.  This page will therefore serve as the main record of the political events that Aubrey was involved with in his lifetime.  However, initially this page will act as an information gathering exercise for these different events, which with time will then be documented.

An initial list of the main political events from Aubrey’s life is therefore given below.  If you have any information on these events, or other events from Aubrey’s life, you are requested to either contact us or go to the forum page where you can either contribute to an existing discussion, or start a new one.  The link to the forum page can be found here.

Please note, this list is only a preliminary list.  There are many events/stories that have not yet been uncovered, and some listed below may turn out to be fairly insignificant.  This list will therefore be updated with time.

Preliminary list of main events during Aubrey’s political career

  • Early political activities before becoming a councillor, 1950-1954
  • First council election in May 1953 where he lost by 1 vote
  • Attitudes towards older members of the council in the 1950s and early 1960s
  • Relationship with the post-war council leader, Reginald Silas Tyack
  • Finances of the Labour Party prior to 1966
  • Selection for Labour Party candidate for 1966 General Election
  • Proposed slum clearance of Pill and Baneswell
  • Building and route of M4 motorway through Newport
  • Leadership battles with Reg Lloyd and Stewart Watson
  • Purchase of Tredegar House
  • Problems for leave for public service, including anecdotal evidence for other people employed in nationalised industries
  • Finances and building of the Newport Centre
  • Relationship with the Chief Executive
  • Relationship with other members of the Labour Party
  • Selection for Labour Party candidate for 1983 and 1987 General Elections
  • Relationship with Stow Hill Labour Group after 1983
  • Run down of leadership and resignation from the council in 1987
  • Council activities/responsibilities after leaving the council in 1987

If you have any contributions to any of these or other events during Aubrey’s lifetime, please either contact us here or add to an existing topic or start a new one in the forum page here.  Please note it does not matter how large or small your contribution is, they can all be used to help build a picture and tell as accurately as possible a story.


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