Charity Work

Throughout his life, Aubrey was instrumental in a number of charities.  After retiring from politics in 1987, his charity work started to take over most of his life, so much so, that he was still involved in almost 30 charitable organizations by the time he died.  This included the largest local charity, Newport Action for the Single Homeless (now Solas), that he had helped form.

At the Freedom of Newport Ceremony in February 1998, a statement was made along the lines of the local charities that he founded or was instrumental in founding were responsible for approximately 60% of the charitable income that came into Newport.  Unfortunately this statement was not recorded on the tape of the ceremony, and a copy of the original speech no longer exists.  The exact quote is therefore unknown.

It is therefore not known what charities Aubrey was involved in nor his role.  If anybody can give any information on his charity work, please could you contact us here, with if possible details of where we can find out further information.  Alternatively, please contribute to the forum page by adding to or starting a new topic.  A link to the forum page can be found here.

As details of his charity work emerge, they will be documented on this page, together with the effect they have had on the local people of Newport.

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