A significant number of people have contributed to the research into the book currently being written about Aubrey’s life.  Without their help, it would not be possible to carry out the research for this book, and it would never have been started, let alone, hopefully, finished.

The list of those who have helped are given below.  This list will be regularly updated, including the names of anybody who has inadvertently been left out.

Dr Richard Allen                    Reader, University of South Wales

Elaine Arthurs                        STEAM Museum of the GWR

Dr Ruth Asher                        Consultant Dermatopathologist, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Charlotte Austin                     Independent researcher

Phillip Barber                          Pre-war trumpeter in the Royal Artillery

Chris Brawn (Mr)                    Fred and Chris Brawns youngest son

Chris Brawn (Mrs)                  Friend of Aubrey in the 1940s, and wife of Fred Brawn

Bob Bright                              Newport councillor, and formerLeader of Newport City Council

Bill Brunskill                           2nd World War Glider Pilot and colleague of Aubrey

Derek Butler                           Member of Newport Labour Party

Dame Rosemary Butler AM   Former Newport councillor and former Presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly

Lionel Clauzon                        Newport Reference Library

Michael Cole                           The Clique (

John Craven-Griffiths              Aubrey’s cousin

Margaret Crew                        Aubrey’s niece from his marriage to Connie Williams

Jim Criddle                              PhD student, University of South Wales

Gerald Davies                         Former Newport Conservative councillor

Iris Dyer                                  Former work colleague of Aubrey

Peter Elliott                             Member of St. Mary’s Church, Newport

Clive Evans                             Husband of Connie Williams, Aubrey’s ex-wife

Connie Evans (née) Williams  Aubrey’s first wife

Mary Evans                             Daughter of Stewart Watson, former Newport councillor

Matthew Evans                       Councillor and former leader of the Conservative group on Newport Borough Council

Paul Evans                              Librarian, Royal Artillery Museum Woolwich

Sara Fox                                  Genealogist

Paul Flynn MP                        Former Newport councillor, currently Newport West MP

Sam Flynn                               Newport Labour party member, and wife of Paul Flynn

Colin Gibson                           Archivist, Gwent Archives

Dr Madeleine Gray                  Reader, University of South Wales

Meg Gurney                            Former resident of 113 Greenhill Road, Griffithstown

Adrian Guthrie                         Rector, St. Giles’ Church, Ickenham

Dr Annette Hames                   Aubrey’s eldest daughter

Janine Hames                         Aubrey’s youngest daughter

Mary Hames                           Aubrey’s wife

Nell Hames                             Aubrey’s sister-in-law

Robin Hames                          Aubrey’s eldest son

Anne Hobbs                            Principal Community Learning Officer, Brynglas Community Learning Centre

Sir Harry Jones CBE              Former Newport councillor and former leader of the council.

Mike Houle                             BRS Historian

David Hughes                        Resident of Pontypool 1929-1947

Dianne Huntley                      Newport resident

Hana Ichilov                           Friend of Aubrey and ex-wife of Lihu Ichilov

Sian Isgrove                           Newport Mayor’s personal assistant

Alex Jarvis                              Newport Reference Library

Richard Jefferies                    Former Chief Democratic Services Officer, Newport City Council

Mair Jones                              Wife of Ray Jones, cousin of Connie Williams

Ray Jones                               Cousin of Connie Williams and brother to Ruth Lewis

Ron Jones                               Former Newport councillor

Bruce Kennedy                       Former researcher for HTV Wales

Ken Kirkham                           2nd World War Glider Pilot and friend of Aubrey

Professor Dick Leonard          Writer, journalist and ex MP

David Lewis                            Husband of Ruth Lewis, cousin of Connie Williams

Ruth Lewis                              Cousin of Connie Williams and sister to Ray Jones

Professor David Marquand     Writer, academic and ex MP

Marion Marsh                          Friend of Aubrey and wife of former Newport councillor John Marsh

David Mayer                           Newport City Councillor

Sara McMahon                       The Family History Company

Kate McCaffrey                       Newtown Assistant Branch Librarian

Ken Mead                               2nd World War Glider Pilot

Kai Michael                             Gwent Archives

Shirley Newnham                   Member of Stow Hill Labour Party

Des Page                                2nd World War Glider Pilot

Brigadier Andrew Paviour      Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop

David Pugh                             Newtown Historian

Ken Pearce                             Uxbridge Local History and Archives Society

Ryan Pimm                             Newport Reference Library

Martin Robson Riley               Senior Enquiries Assistant, The National Library of Wales

Bryan Roden                           Author of several books on Pontypool and surrounding areas

Kathy Rustell                           Website developer

Graham Satchwell                  Former Detective Superintendent, British Transport Police

Angela Saunderson                Gwent Archives

James Skinner                        Author of several books on Ickenham and Hillingdon

Mark Smith                             Curator, Royal Artillery Museum Woolwich

Peter Strong                           Gwent County History Association

Derek Tait                               Plymouth Historian

Linda Tinker                            Daughter of Connie and Clive Evans

Kate Trenbath                         Assistant Branch Librarian, Newtown

Sabina Von Thuemmler          Genealogist (Germany)

Trevor Warren                         Former leader of the Conservative group on Newport Borough Council

Patricia Watson                       Wife of Stewart Watson, former Newport councillor

Jeanette Webb                        Caretaker, Brynglas House

Ian Wheeler                             Cholsey resident and historian

David Williams                         Former reporter for HTV Wales

Harry Williams                          Former Newport councillor

Jessamy Wilsdon                     Research Assistant, Dorset History Centre

Maurice Woodman                   Former Det. Chief Superintendent of the British Transport Police

Joshua Worrad                        Newport West Labour Party agent

John Wright                             Former member of Newport Labour Party

Christine Yard                          Operations Librarian, Newport Reference Library

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